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What We Do

Social Groups

Social Groups: Social group sessions provide social skills training in a safe and nurturing environment. Children learn to use their developing language skills to interact with their peers. Social groups can be comprised of two children (dyad), three children (triad) or a small group of four or five. Staffing for each group depends upon the number of children enrolled. Dyads and triads are typically run by one Speech and Language Pathologist, while groups of four or more are run by either two therapists or one therapist and an assistant. Children are taught social skills lessons to help them successfully communicate and interact with their peers and communities. A variety of tasks, activities, and social games are used to teach, practice, and foster appropriate social behaviors, conversations, and interactions. These activities may include pretend/imaginative play with toys (for younger children), social skills games and activities, role-playing, modeling, and group trips outside the TSLC office. Social skills groups address social, emotional, and pragmatic issues that may occur at home, social events, school, and on the playground. While a curriculum is followed, I am open to creating lessons to help families deal with particular issues that may arise at home. In addition to my own lesson plans, I follow social skills lessons from professionals who are renowned in this area, such as Dr. Jed Baker, Dr. Michelle Dunn and Carol Gray. The children in the dyads and/or small groups are matched by chronological age, cognitive linguistic skills, and social pragmatic abilities to achieve a cohesive group.

If you are interested in a social group for your child, please contact TSLC.